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  • 1787
  • London, England
  • 1833
  • Richmond, England
  • actor
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  • DNB Kean, Edmund (1787–1833), actor...Kean's first ‘adult’ engagement, no longer as ‘Master Carey’, was with Samuel Jerrold's company at Sheerness in spring 1804. He was ambitious to play leading roles in tragedy, but the taste of the time was against him. The model tragedian was the tall and stately John Philip Kemble. Kean was volatile, even fidgety, and less than 5 feet 7 inches tall. He had penetrating, dark eyes—many people remembered them as black—and dark hair. Until alcohol lamed and bloated him, he was light on his feet and thin-faced. Above all, there was a fierceness bordering on malevolence about the way he presented himself on stage and, all too often, off it...Kean's repertory of great roles was small and his range narrow, but he remains the English theatre's supreme example of the charismatic actor. Father of actor Charles Kean, 1811?-1868.
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