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  • Phelps, E. S. (Edmund S)
  • Phelps, Edmund S (Edmund Strother)
  • His Private wants and public needs, 1962.
  • Fitoussi, J. P. The slump in Europe, 1988, c1987: CIP t.p. (Edmund S. Phelps) CIP data sheet (b. 7-26-33)
  • Equity, efficiency, and growth, 1996: CIP t.p. (Edmund S. Phelps; McVickar prof., polit. econ., Columbia Univ., NYC)
  • Finance, research, education, and growth, 2002: CIP t.p. (Edmund S. Phelps; Columbia U., dept. of econ. affairs)
  • OCLC, Apr. 10, 2002 (hdgs.: Phelps, Edmund S.; Phelps, Edmund S. (Edmund Strother); usage: Edmund S. Phelps; E.S. Phelps)
  • Mechanisms of economic collapse and growth in Eastern Europe, 1994: t.p. (Prof. of economics Edmund Phelps)
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