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  • Name.
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  • n 79117173
  • 1452~
  • Papal States
  • 1515
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  • Venice (Italy)
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  • Printing Pocket editions
  • Printers--Italy
Used for:
  • Aldus Manutius, 1449 or 1450-1515
  • Manoutio, Aldo, 1449 or 1450-1515
  • Manoutios, Aldos, 1449 or 1450-1515
  • Manuccio, Aldo, 1449 or 1450-1515
  • Manuce, Alde, 1449 or 1450-1515
  • Manucjusz, Aldus, 1449 or 1450-1515
  • Manut?s︡iĭ, Alʹd Piĭ, 1449 or 1450-1515
  • Manutius, Aldus Pius, 1449 or 1450-1515
  • Manutius, Aldus, 1449 or 1450-1515
  • Manuzio, Aldo Pio, 1449 or 50-1515
  • Manuzio, Aldo, 1449 or 50-1515
  • Aldine Press
  • "The earliest roots of the paperback," New York Times, Arts section, 27 February 2015 page C19, C26 (The exhibition that opened this week at the Grolier Club in Manhattan, “Aldus Manutius: A Legacy More Lasting Than Bronze,” gathers nearly 150 Aldines, as books from the press Aldus founded in Venice in 1494 are known, for a more sober tribute. Gutenberg may have invented the movable-type printing press, used to create his monumental Bibles. But anyone who has ever sat in a cafe, or in the bath, with a paperback owes a debt to Aldus and the small, cleanly designed editions of the secular classics he called libelli portatiles, or portable little books. ... Aldus was the first to print Aristotle, Thucydides, Herodotus and Sophocles, among others in the Greek canon. He was possibly the first printer to compare manuscripts to arrive at the most reliable text. He was the first to use italic type. He was the first to use the semicolon in its modern sense. ... Aldus, born in the Papal States around 1452, trained as a humanist scholar and worked as a tutor in aristocratic households before taking up printing in the 1490s.)
  • Aldus Pius Manutius, 1995 p. 1 (b. 1452 at Bassiano)
  • De Vinne, T.L. The first editor, 1983 t.p. (Aldus Pius Manutius)
  • Hoi hellēnikes ekdoseis tou Aldou kai oi hellēnes synergates tou (p. 1494-1515) p. 44 (Aldus Pius Manutius) p. 45 (Αλδος Μανούτιος = Aldos Manoutios)
  • Le edizioni di testi greci da Aldo Manuzio e le prime tipografie greche di Venezia, 1993 t.p. (Aldo Manuzio) title on added t.p. (Aldo Manoutio)
  • Renouard, A.A. Annales de l'Imprimerie des Alde, 1991 CIP pref. (Alde l'ancien ... Manuce)
  • Rokosz, M. Wenec. ofic. Alda Manucjusza i Polsk. w orb. jej wpływ., 1982 (subj.) t.p. (Alda Manucjusza)
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