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  • Ioannes, Antiochenus, ca. 491-ca. 578
  • Ioannes, Malelas, ca. 491-ca. 578
  • Joannes, Antiochenus, ca. 491-ca. 578
  • Joannes, Malelas, ca. 491-ca. 578
  • Johannes, Malalas, ca. 491-ca. 578
  • John, Malalas, ca. 491-ca. 578
  • John, of Antioch, ca. 491-ca. 578
  • Antiocheno, Giovanni, ca. 491-ca. 578
  • Malala, Giovanni, ca. 491-ca. 578
  • Malalas, Jean, ca. 491-ca. 578
  • Malalas, Joannes, ca. 491-ca. 578
  • Malelas, Ioannes, ca. 491-ca. 578
  • Malelas, Joannes, ca. 491-ca. 578
  • Malalas, Ioannes, 6th cent
  • Not the same as: John III, Scholasticus, Patriarch of Constantinople, d. 577
  • Not the same as: John, of Antioch, 7th cent.
  • Bentley, R. Epistola, 1962.
  • Collier's Encyc. (Malalas, Ioannes, c. 491-578)
  • Encyc. Amer. (Malalas, John)
  • Encyc. Brit. (Malalas, John, b. ca. 491, d. ca. 578)
  • Encyclopedia of the Early Church, 1992 (under John III Scholasticus, Patriarch of Constantinople 565-577: the identification of the historian John Malalas with John III Scholasticus must be discarded)
  • Hörling, E. Mythos und Pistis, 1980 t.p. (Johannes Malalas)
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  • L'età mariano-sillana in Giovanni Antiocheno, c1989 p. 8 (Giovanni Malala)
  • Oxford class. dict. (Malalas, Iohannes, a Greek rhetorician and historian; lived in Antioch c. 491-578; Malalas means "rhetor" in Syriac)
  • Oxford dictionary of Byzantium, 1991 v. 2, p. 1275 (Malalas, John; chronicler; b. ca. 490, d. in the 570s) v. 2, p. 1062 (John of Antioch; to be distinguished from John Malalas; nowadays the name John of Antioch is thought to confound two individuals, one the 7th-century author of a world chronicle, the other a 10th-century figure; attribution of excerpts under this name uncertain)
  • Recherches sur la Chronique de Jean Malalas, 2004.
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