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  • n 81018313
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  • Saint
  • 525~
  • Syria
  • 600~
  • Sinai, Mount (Egypt)
Fields of activity:
  • Monastic and religious life Spiritual life Asceticism
  • Monks Abbots Ascetics Authors
Used for:
  • John, Climacus, Saint, active 7th century
  • Climacho, Iouanni, Saint, active 6th century
  • Climacho, Joanne, Saint, active 6th century
  • Climachus, Ioannes, Scholasticus, called, active 6th century
  • Climachus, John, Saint, active 6th century
  • Climaco, Giovanni, Saint, active 6th century
  • Climaco, Iohanni, Saint, active 6th century
  • Climacus, Joannes, Saint, active 6th century
  • Climacus, John, Saint, active 6th century
  • Climaque, Jean, Saint, active 6th century
  • Climax, Johannes, Saint, active 6th century
  • Darajī al-Sīnāʼī, Yūḥannā, Saint, active 6th century
  • Della Scala, Iohanni, Saint, active 6th century
  • Giovanni, Climaco, Saint, active 6th century
  • Ĭoan, Lestvichnik, Saint, active 6th century
  • Ioann, igumen Sinaĭskoĭ gory, active 6th century
  • Иоанн, игумен Синайскои горы, active 6th century
  • Iōannēs, tēs Klimakos, active 6th century
  • Ιωάννης, της Κλίμακος, active 6th century
  • Ioannes, Scholasticus, called Climachus, active 6th century
  • Iohanne, Climacho, Saint, active 6th century
  • Iohannes, Climacus, Saint, active 6th century
  • Iohanni, Climaco, Saint, active 6th century
  • Iohanni, della Scala, Saint, active 6th century
  • Iouanni, Climacho, Saint, active 6th century
  • Jean, Climaque, Saint, active 6th century
  • Joanne, Climacho, Saint, active 6th century
  • Joannes Climacus, Saint, 6th cent.
  • Joannes, Climacus, Saint, active 6th century
  • Joannes, Scholasticus, active 6th century
  • Johannes, Climachus, active 6th century
  • Johannes, Climacus, active 6th century
  • Johannes, Climax, Saint, active 6th century
  • Johannes, Klimakos, Saint, active 6th century
  • Johannes, Sinaites, active 6th century
  • Johannes, vom Sinai, active 6th century
  • John, Climacus, Saint, 6th cent.
  • John Klimax, active 6th century
  • John, of the Ladder, Saint, active 6th century
  • John, Scholastikos, Saint, active 6th century
  • John, the Scholastic, active 6th century
  • Jouanni, Climacho, Saint, active 6th century
  • Jovan, Lestvičnik, Saint, active 6th century
  • Jovanni, Climacho, Saint, active 6th century
  • Juan, Clímaco, Saint, active 6th century
  • Klimakos, Johannes, Saint, active 6th century
  • Klimax, John, active 6th century
  • Lestvichnik, Ĭoan, Saint, active 6th century
  • Lestvičnik, Jovan, Saint, active 6th century
  • Qiddis̄ Yūḥannā al-Darajī al-Sīnāʼī, active 6th century
  • Scala, Iohanni della, Saint, active 6th century
  • Scholasticus, Ioannes, called Climachus, active 6th century
  • Scholasticus, John, Saint, active 6th century
  • Scholastikos, John, Saint, active 6th century
  • Sīnāʼī, Yūḥannā al-Sullamī, Saint, active 6th century
  • Sinaites, Johannes, active 6th century
  • Sullamī al-Sīnāʼī, Yūḥannā, Saint, active 6th century
  • Not the same as: John III, Scholasticus, Patriarch of Constantinople, d. 577, or Frere Jean Climaque (aka Alexander-Claude), 18th century Trappist monk, author of Instruction sur la Mort du Frere Jean Climaque, 1704 (OCLC #319824807)
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  • Italian Wikipedia, February 24, 2020 (San Giovanni Climaco, also known as Giovanni della Scala, Giovanni Scolastico and Giovanni Sinaita; "Per la sua datazione gli studiosi hanno considerato i personaggi citati nell'opera principale di Giovanni, La scala, ma non sono concordi sul periodo in cui visse: secondo alcuni, Giovanni sarebbe nato intono al 525 e morto intorno al 603; altri hanno spostato avanti queste date di circa cinquant'anni, collocando la sua vita tra il 575 e il 650 circa"; sources given for the dates are respectively Andreas Müller, Climacus, John, in Encyclopedia of the Bible and its reception, v. 5, 2012 (approximately 525-approximately 603) and Guerric Couilleau, Jean Climaque (saint), in Dictionnaire de spiritualité, v. 8, 1974 (approximately 575-approximately 650))
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