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  • Teleman, G. F. (Georg Filip), 1681-1767
  • Telemann, G. P. (Georg Philipp), 1681-1767
  • Telemann, Georges Philippe, 1681-1767
  • Telemann, Georg Phillip, 1681-1767
  • Telemanas, G. F., 1681-1767
  • Telemann, G. Philipp (Georg Philipp), 1681-1767
  • Teleman, Georg Filip, 1681-1767
  • Telemann, George Philipp, 1681-1767
  • Telemann, G. Ph (Georg Philipp), 1681-1767
  • Melante, 1681-1767
  • Tereman, Georuku Firippu, 1681-1767
  • Thematic-index numbers for works for 1 or 2 instruments are those found in Telemann-Werkverzeichnis, Instrumentalwerke, Bd. 1, e.g. [Sonatas, recorder, continuo, TWV 41:C2, C major], for 3 or more instruments those from Telemann-Werkverzeichnis, Instrumentalwerke, Bd. 2, e.g. [Trio sonatas, violin, bassoon, continuo, TWV 42:B5, B♭ major], for concertos and overtures from Telemann-Werkverzeichnis, Instrumentalwerke, Bd. 3, e.g. [Concertos, recorder, string orchestra, TWV 51:C1, C major], [Overtures, TWV 55:F3, F major]. Thematic index numbers for vocal works, so far, are from: Thematisches Verzeichnis der Vokalwerke von Georg Philipp Telemann, e.g. [Masses, TVWV 9:14, B minor]
  • His Ouverture pour flûte à bec alto (ou flûte traversière), cordes et basse continue, 1979 t.p. (Georges Philippe Telemann)
  • His Concerto in E minor for two flutes and piano, 1978 t.p. (Georg Phillip Telemann)
  • Aušra Stasiunaite, mecosopranas [SR] 1980 label (G. F. Telemanas)
  • Konzertante Cembalomusik [SR] 198-? label (G. Ph. Telemann)
  • Kozhukharov, Ĭ. Ĭordan Kozhukharov, trompet [SR] 1982? label (G.F. Teleman) container (Georg Filip Teleman)
  • His Sonata in A minor for oboe & continuo [SR] p1982 labels (George Philipp Telemann)
  • Twelve minuets from "Seven times seven and one minuet," c1992 pref. (orig. published under the pseud. Melante)
  • Hansen, J.E. The organ concert at Holmens Church, p1978 label (Georg-Philipp Telemann) prog. notes (Georuku Firippu Tereman)
  • New Grove (Telemann, Georg Philipp; b. Mar. 14, 1681, Magdeburg, d. June 25, 1767, Hamburg; German composer)
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