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  • n 85375258
  • 1797-07-20
  • Głuszyna (Opole, Poland)
  • 1873-10
  • London (England)
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  • Great Britain Australia New South Wales Tasmania
  • Scientists Explorers Geologists
Used for:
  • De Strzelecki, Paul Edmund, Sir, 1797-1873
  • Strzelecki, P. E. de (Paul Edmund), Sir, 1797-1873
  • Strzelecki, Paul Edmund de, 1797-1873
  • De Strzelecki, Paul Edmund, 1796-1873
  • Strzelecki, Paul E. de (Paul Edmund), 1797-1873
  • Strzelecki, Paweł Edmund, 1797-1873
  • Kaluski, M. Sir Paul E. Strzelecki ... 1985: t.p. (Sir Paul E. Strzelecki)
  • Aust. dict. of biography (online), Aug. 19, 2008 (Strzelecki, Sir Paul Edmund de [Count Strzelecki] (1797-1873), explorer and scientist; born July 20, 1797, Gluszyna, Poland; died 6 Oct. 1873, London, England. As Poznan was then under Prussian control, he was a Prussian citizen. He left Poland around 1830. There is some evidence that he served as a courier for the 1830 insurrection. In England he was referred to as Count Streleski but never used that form himself. Like his English contemporaries, he never had any formal geological training, but he worked and conducted research in North and South America and islands in the Pacific, arriving in Sydney in 1839. He explored and gathered samples in New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania. He sailed from Sydney in April 1843 and returned to London, where he worked and wrote, becoming a British citizen in 1845. He continued to be intersted in Australian affairs, and received several honours.)
  • LC data base, 11-25-85 (hdg.: Strzelecki, Paul Edmund de, Sir, 1796-1873; usage: P.E. de Strzelecki)
  • LCCN 59028911: Słabczyński, W. Paweł Edmund Strzelecki, 1957.
  • National Library of Poland Web OPAC, Aug. 19, 2008 (Strzelecki, Paweł Edmund (1797-1873))
  • LC/NAF 14 April 2019 (Strzelecki, Paul Edmund de, 1797-1873)
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