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  • n 2008073190
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  • Georgiou, Steven, 1948-
  • Georgiou, Steven Demetre, 1948-
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  • İslâm üzerine konuşmalar, 1986 cover (Yusuf İslam (Cat Stevens)) p. 3, etc. (guitarist, rock musician popular 1970-75; changed name 1977?)
  • LC data base, Oct. 28, 2008 (hdg.: İslam, Yusuf; usage: Cat Stevens, Yusuf Islam)
  • Wikipedia WWW site, Oct. 28, 2008 (under Cat Stevens: Yusuf Islam; b. Steven Demetre Georgiou, July 21, 1948, London; chose the stage name Cat Stevens in 1966; converted to Islam in 1977 and took the name Yusuf Islam in 1978)
  • Biography resource center WWW site, Oct. 28, 2008 (Islam, Yusuf (1948- ); Stevens, Cat (British folk singer, 1948- ); also known as Steven Demetre Georgiou, Stephen Demetri Georgiou, Yosef Islam, Steven Georgiou)
  • Yusuf Islam official WWW site, Oct. 28, 2008 (b. Steven Demetre Georgiou; embraced Islam in 1977, changing his name to Yusuf Islam; formerly known as Cat Stevens)
  • AMG, Mar. 18, 2008 (Cat Stevens; b. Steven Demetre Georgiou, July 21, 1948, London, England; in 1965 began performing under the name Steve Adams; on December 23, 1977, Stevens formally became a Muslim and adopted the name Yusuf Islam; notwithstanding this change, there was an 11th and final Cat Stevens album, Back to Earth, released in December 1978; with that, Yusuf Islam retired from the pop music business; in 2006, nearly 30 years after the final Cat Stevens studio album, Islam released a new studio effort, An Other Cup)
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