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35519676 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
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  • n 82253191
Used for:
  • Banks, Iain M., 1954-
  • Bėnks, Iėn, 1954-
  • His Consider Phlebas, 1988 CIP t.p. (Iain Banks) pub. info. (Iain M. Banks) bk. t.p. (Iain M. Banks)
  • His L'homme des jeux, c1992 t.p. (Iain M. Banks) p. 5 (Iain Menzies Banks; b. in Scotland 1954. When he writes a "roman de litérature générale", he uses the name Iain Banks; when he writes science-fiction, he becomes "Iain M. Banks")
  • His The wasp factory, 1984 CIP t.p. (Iain Banks)
  • His Walking on glass, 1986, c1985 CIP t.p. (Iain Banks) galley (resides Kent, England; b. 1954)
  • Shagi po steklu, 2002 t.p. (Iėn Bėnks) t.p. verso (Iain Banks [in rom.])
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  • abv13909337
  • 000000522654
  • (AuCNL)244014
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  • OCoLC eng