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  • Anderson, Francis R.
  • Anderson, P. (Perry)
  • Anderson, Perry L.
  • Biog. resource center (Contemp. authors), Feb. 6, 2006 (Perry Anderson; also known as Perry L. Anderson; b. 1938, London, England; New left review, London, England, editor, 1962-; University of California, Los Angeles, professor of history and
  • His Le Portugal et la fin de l'ultra-colonialisme, 1963.
  • Teori╠üas de la democracia, 1988 t.p. (P. Anderson) p. 355 (Perry Anderson)
  • University of California, Los Angles, Dept. of Sociology faculty Web site, Feb. 6, 2006 (Joint appointments: Anderson, Francis R (professor); Perry Anderson) Dept. of History faculty Web site (Francis Anderson; Perry Anderson)
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