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  • Russell, John, Lord, 1792-1878
  • Russell, J. (John), Lord, 1792-1878
  • Russell, John Russell, 1st Earl, 1792-1878
See also:
  • His Recollections and suggestions, 1813-1873, 1875 t.p. (John Earl Russell) [info. from InU]
  • His Present necessity of electoral vigilance, 1848? t.p. (Rt. Hon. Lord J. Russell) [info. from InU]
  • His The life and times of Charles James Fox, 1859-1866 t.p. (Right Honourable Lord John Russell) [info. from InU]
  • Burke's peerage, 1967 (Rt. Hon. Lord John Russell, 1st Earl Russell)
  • A dissection of the queries on the amount of religious instruction and education circulated by Lord John Russell through the Poor Law Commissioners ... 1838 p. 38 (minister of public instruction)
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