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  • Name.
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  • n 87923966 n 98112259
Used for:
  • Logothetes, active 10th century
  • Simeon, Metafrast, active 10th century
  • Simeon, Metaphrastes, active 10th century
  • Simeon, of Metaphrastes, active 10th century
  • Simeone, Metafraste, active 10th century
  • Symeōn, ho Metaphrastēs, active 10th century
  • Symeon, Logothetes, active 10th century
  • Symeon, Magister, active 10th century
  • Symeon, Metaphrastes, fl. 10th cent
  • His Vita di S. Stefano Minore, 1984 t.p. (Simeone Metafraste)
  • Krumbacher. (Symeon Metaphrastes; Symeōn ho Metaphrastēs, fl. 10th cent.)
  • Ēthikē kai thrēskeutikē enkykl. (Symeōn ho Metaphrastēs, fl. the second half of 10th cent.)
  • Die handschriftl. Überlieferung des "Georgius Continuatus" ... 1989 p. 1, etc. (manuscripts contain the phrase indicating it was continued by Logothetes; identified with Symeon Logothetes, who is most certainly the same as Symeon Metaphrastes)
  • Metafrastika, 1997 t.p. (Simeon Metafrast) p. 135 (Blazh. Simeon Metafrast, X-XI v.)
  • Epitomon Enkyklopaidikon Lexikon, 1935 p. 2715-2716 (Simeon Metafrast; The principal compiler of saints' lives in the Byzantine Empire, who flourished during the middle of the 10th century. He put together a collection of saints' lives)
  • Trio Mediaeval. Soir, dit-elle [SR] p2004 insert (St. Simeon Metaphrastes; St. Simeon of Metaphrastes; 10th cent.)
  • Theophanes continuatus, 1838 p. 601 (Symeonis Magistri)
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