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  • Vancouver (B.C.)
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  • Bonn (Germany) Berlin (Germany)
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  • Albania |a Linguistics
  • Scholars Translators Authors
  • Dictionary of Albanian literature, c1986: CIP t.p. (Robert Elsie) publ. info (b. 6/29/50; translator for the Govt. of the Fed. Rep. of Germany)
  • The position of Brittonic, 1979: t.p. (Robert William Elsie aus Vancouver)
  • Robert Elsie, via WWW, viewed July 14, 2015: (Robert Elsie, specialist in Albanian Studies, born in Vancover, B.C., Canada, 29 June 1950; studied at the University of British Columbia and graduated there in 1972 in Classics and Linguistics; Ph.D. in Linguistics and Celtic Studies from University of Bonn, 1978; translator and interpreter at German Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 1990s; freelance translator for Albanian for German government, European Union, United Nations, NATO, Council of Europe; resides in Berlin)
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