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  • 18131023
  • Trebatsch (Oder-Spree, Germany)
  • Oder-Spree (Germany)
  • 1848
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  • Scientists Explorers
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  • Leichardt, L. (Ludwig), 1813-1848
  • Leichhardt, F. W. Ludwig, 1813-1848
  • Leichhardt, Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig, 1813-1848
  • His Journal of an overland expedition in Australia ... 1847.
  • The letters of F.W. Ludwig Leichhardt, 1968
  • Leichhardt, 1999 p. 608 (Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Leichhardt; b. 23.10.1813, Sabrodt (Trebatsch), Mark Brandenburg)
  • Australian Dictionary of Biography (online) 27 May 2021: (Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Leichhardt (1813-1848?), naturalist and explorer, was born on 23 October 1813 at Trebatsch, Prussia. he studied at the universities of Berlin and Go╠łttingen, changing his course from philosophy and languages to science; he never took a degree. He arrived in Sydney on 14 February 1842, and travelled arounbd New South Wales and the Moreton Bay District. In 1845 he mounted a private expedition to Port Essington, in 1846-1847 an unsuccessful expedition to the western coast. In February 1848 he set out on a second western expedition, and his last known positiuon was at Coogon station on the Darling Downs, on 3 April 1848, after which the expedition disappeared, and no trace has been found. His scientific work in geology and botany was highly valued, and he kept detailed records.)
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