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  • Li, Xiaolong, 1940-1973
  • Lee, Siu Lung, 1940-1973
  • Li, Hsiao-lung, 1940-1973
  • Lee, Jun Fan, 1940-1973
  • 李小龍, 1940-1973
  • 李小龙, 1940-1973
  • Record has non-Latin script (Chinese).
  • Roensch, G. Bruce Lee, 2002 : ECIP t.p. (Bruce Lee) galley (b. Nov. 27, 1940, in San Francisco, to parents traveling in United States; Bruce, the Little Dragon; his parents gave him Chinese name Lee Jun Fan; nurse at hospital where he was born gave him English name "Bruce"; his family returned to Hong Kong, 1941; during his Hong Kong acting career, used acting name Lee Siu Lung, which means "Lee Little Dragon"; spoke Cantonese dialect of Chinese at home; learned to speak English at school; returned to San Francisco, 1959; became martial arts movie star; d. 1973)
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