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35277414 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
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  • n 50043983
  • 18880217
  • 19570824
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  • Oxford, England
Fields of activity:
  • Christianity
  • College chaplains
Used for:
  • Absolute and Abitofhell, Author of, 1888-1957
  • Author of Absolute and Abitofhell, 1888-1957
  • K, R. A. (Ronald Arbuthnott Knox), 1888-1957
  • Knox, R. A. Hilary (Ronald Arbuthnott Hilary), 1888-1957
  • Knox, R. A. (Ronald Arbuthnott), 1888-1957
  • Knox, Ronald, 1888-1957
  • Knox, Ronald A. (Ronald Arbuthnott), 1888-1957
  • R. A. K (Ronald Arbuthnott Knox), 1888-1957
  • The LCNA form of name is AACR2 "compatible" form.
  • His Some loose stones ... 1913.
  • His The pastoral sermons of Ronald A. Knox, 1981 t.p. (Ronald A. Knox)
  • His Bread or stone, 1915 t.p. (Ronald Knox, fellow & chaplain of Trinity College, Oxford)
  • His The church in bondage, 1914 t.p. (R.A. Hilary Knox, chaplain fellow of Trinity College, Oxford)
  • His Absolute and Abitofhell, or, Noah's Ark put in commission and set adrift ... on a new voyage of discovery, 1915 t.p. (R.A.K.)
  • Reunion all round, or, Jael's hammer laid aside ... and serv'd in a lordly dish, 1914 t.p. (the author of Absolute and Abitofhell)
  • The Church in bondage, 1916 t.p. (R. A. Hilary Knox, Chaplain Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford)
  • Wikipedia 11 Mar. 2013 (Ronald Arbuthnott Knox (17 February 1888-24 August 1957) was an English priest and theologian. He was also a writer and a regular broadcaster for BBC Radio. He was ordained as an Anglican priest in 1912 and was appointed chaplain of Trinity College, Oxford, but he left in 1917 to become a Roman Catholic. In 1918 he was ordained as a Catholic priest. He made a new English translation of the Latin Vulgate Bible, commencing in 1936)
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