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  • 19120616
  • Birmingham (England)
  • 19980208
  • London (England)
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  • Politicians College teachers Public officers
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  • Powell, John Enoch, 1912-1998
  • Powell, Enoch, 1912-1998
  • His The Rendel Harris papyri of Woodbrooke College ... 1936.
  • His Enoch Powell on 1992, c1989 p. xiii (J. Enoch Powell) jkt. (Rt Hon J. Enoch Powell; b. 1912; academic career before World War II; 1950, elected to Parliament; member until 1987; Conservative politician)
  • WW, 1989 (Powell, Rt. Hon. (John) Enoch; b. 6/16/12; lists works)
  • His The evolution of the Gospel, 1994 CIP t.p. (J. Enoch Powell) galley (lives in London; has been studying Greek New Testament since his retirement from politics 20 years ago)
  • The times (London, England), via ProQuest newspapers, Mar. 31, 2006 Feb. 9, 1998, p. 23 (Enoch Powell, "died yesterday" at age 85)
  • Oxford Companion to Black British History, accessed March 6, 2015, via Oxford African American Studies Center database (Powell, Enoch; John Enoch Powell; politician, government official, professor; born 16 June 1912 in Birmingham, England; professor of Greek at Sydney University; brigadier in the British Army during the Second World War; won election to Parliament for the West Midlands constituency of Wolverhampton South West (1950); served in Macmillan's government as Minister of Health; was a member of Edward Heath's Shadow Cabinet; a speech in which he predicted "rivers of blood" as the consequence of the presence of black people in Britain marked the breaking point with the Tory mainstream, Walsall (1968); sacked from the Shadow Cabinet and moved outside the ranks of mainstream Conservatism, resigned from both the Tory Party and Parliament (1974); was elected member of Parliament for the Northern Irish constituency of North Down; died 08 February 1998 in London, England)
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