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  • Jones, Mary Harris, 1837-1930
  • Harris, Mary, 1837-1930
  • Mother Jones, 1837-1930
  • Jones, Mother, 1843?-1930
  • Jones, Mary Harris, 1830-1930
  • Her Autobiography ... 1925 t.p. (Mother Jones)
  • Werstein, I. Labor's defiant lady, 1969 t.p. (Mother Jones)
  • Biog. dict. of Amer. labor leaders, 1974 (Jones, Mary Harris ("Mother"), b. Cork, Ire. 5/1/1830; gained fame as organizer for United Mine Workers, esp. in W. Va.; d. Silver Spring, Md., 11/30/1930)
  • Long, P. Mother Jones, woman organizer, c1976 t.p. (Mother Jones) p. 2 (b. Mary Harris, Cork, Ire., 1843; Jones gave diff. b. dates at diff. times, tending to set date earlier as she grew older; earliest interview gives 1843; known to have taught school in Monroe, Mich. in 1860, and a Mary Harris, age 17 is so listed in 1860 census) [Info from IEN]
  • The Correspondence of Mother Jones, c1985 t.p. (Mother Jones) p. xxii (Mary Harris Jones; b. probably in 1836; an appropriate baptismal notice in the Cork parish records dated 1836 has been found)
  • Wickipedia, Nov. 4, 2009 (Mary Harris Jones; known as Mother Jones; b. Aug. 1, 1837; d. Nov. 29, 1930)
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