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  • International Working Men's Association (1864-1876)
  • Association internationale des travailleurs (1864-1876)
  • Première Internationale
  • 1ère Internationale
  • A.I.T.
  • AIT
  • Internațională Întîi
  • Internațională I
  • Primera Internacional
  • Asociación Internacional de los Trabajadores (1864-1876)
  • I Internacional
  • Ti i kuo chi
  • Ti 1 kuo chi
  • Kuo chi kung jen hsieh hui
  • Internationale Arbeiterassociation (1864-1876)
  • Internationale Arbeiterassoziation (1864-1876)
  • Internationale Arbeiter-Association (1864-1876)
  • Internationale Arbeiter-Assoziation (1864-1876)
  • Pervyĭ Internat︠s︡ional
  • Erste Internationale
  • First International
  • International, First
  • IAA
  • Associazione internazionale dei lavoratori (1864-1876)
  • I Międzynarodówka
  • Międzynarodowe Stowarzyszenie Robotników
See also:
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  • Tzʻu hai, 1979. abbre. ed. p. 1879 (Ti i kuo chi chi "Kuo chi kung jen hsieh hui"; called Ti i kuo chi after the Second International found)
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  • Circulaire (International Workingmen's Association). Circulaire, 1937, no 12, surrogate masthead (International Workingmen's Association, ... Associazione internazionale dei lavoratori)
  • Britannica, 1989 (under: International, First; formally International Working Men's Association; after the London Anarchist Congress of 1881, it ceased to represent an organized movement)
  • Wikipedia, viewed Apr. 24, 2006 (The International Workingmen's Association (IWA), called the First International, f. 1864 in a workmen's meeting held in Saint Martin's Hall, London. Its first congress was held in 1866 in Geneva. A significant decision at that event was the adoption of the 8-hour work day as one of the Association's fundamental demands)
  •, viewed Apr. 24, 2006 (The Second International - In 1881, the German Social Democratic Party called an international socialist congress that ultimately led to the founding of the Socialist International. Unlike the First, the Socialist International was made up of political parties with properly elected leaderships, political programs and membership bases in each country, etc.; at the International Socialist Congress; held Paris 1889, attended by delegates from 20 countries, the new Socialist International was founded, formally adopting the principles of the International Workingmen's Association)
  • Bakunin i Marks, 2009 t.p. (I Międzynarodówce) cover p. 4 (Międzynarodowe Stowarzyszenie Robotników)
  • Wikipedia, 3 Aug. 2010 (the International Workingmen's Association, IWA, sometimes called the First International, was an international communist organization founded in 1864 in London; in 1872, the organization relocated to New York City and disbanded four years later at the 1876 Phiadelphia conference)
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