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  • 18980203
  • Memphis (Tenn.)
  • 19710827
  • Chicago (Ill.)
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  • United States
  • Jazz musicians Jazz singers Pianists
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  • Armstrong, Lillian, 1898-1971
  • Hardin Armstrong, Lil, 1898-1971
  • Hardin Armstrong, Lillian, 1898-1971
  • Hardin, Lilian, 1898-1971
  • Hardin, Lil, 1898-1971
  • OCLC 6776155: Lil Hardin Armstrong and her orchestra, 1961 (hdg.: Armstrong, Lil Hardin)
  • OCLC database, 10/27/93 (hdgs.: Armstrong, Lil Hardin, 1902-1971; Armstrong, Lil Hardin; Armstrong, Lil; usage: Lil Hardin Armstrong; Lil Armstrong)
  • LC database, 10/27/93 (MLC hdg.: Armstrong, Lil; usage: Lil Hardin Armstrong)
  • King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band. King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band [SR] p1996 insert (Lillian Hardin, piano)
  • New Grove dict. of jazz (Armstrong (née Hardin), Lil(lian); b. Feb. 3, 1898, Memphis, d. Aug. 27, 1971, Chicago; pianist, singer, composer)
  • Feather, L. Biog. ency. of jazz, 1999 (Armstrong, Lil (Lillian Hardin); b. Feb. 3, 1898, Memphis, Tenn., d. Aug. 27, 1971, Chicago, Ill.; piano, composer, vocals)
  • Black Women in America, Second Edition, accessed November 21, 2014, via Oxford African American Studies Center database (Armstrong, Lillian "Lil" Hardin; Lillian Beatrice Hardin; songwriter, jazz musician, jazz singer, pianist; born 03 February 1898 in Memphis, Tennessee, United States; joined Sugar Johnny's Creole Orchestra; joined King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band as the pianist and arranger (1921); married Armstrong (1924); member of the Red Onion Jazz Babies; made a record under the name the New Orleans Wanderers (1926); graduated with a teachers certificate from the Chicago College of Music (1928); received a postgraduate degree from the New York College of Music (1929); appeared on recordings with Johnny Dodds, and was the pianist and bandleader for the Hot Shots; formed Lil Armstrong and Her Swing Orchestra (1936); appeared at Metro Jazz in Paris and performed with the band in the short film Sous-sol (1952-1953); appeared on the album Chicago-The Living Legends, produced by Riverside Records (1961); died 27 August 1971 in Chicago, Illinois, United States)
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