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  • n 79015671 sh 85051536
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  • Monasticism and religious orders
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  • Monastic and religious life
Used for:
  • Alcantarines
  • Bernardyni
  • Cordeliers
  • Discalced Friars Minor
  • Família Franciscana
  • Frères mineurs
  • Frades Menores
  • Frailes Menores
  • Franciscains
  • Franciscan Discalceati
  • Franciscan Order
  • Franciscan Reformati
  • Franciszkanie
  • Frant?s︡iskanskiĭ orden
  • Frant?s︡iskant?s︡y
  • Frati minori
  • Fratres minores
  • Friars Minor
  • Friars, Gray
  • Gråbrøderne
  • Gray Friars
  • Grey Friars
  • Mala braća
  • Minderbrüder
  • Minoriten
  • Minorites
  • O.F.M.
  • Observants
  • OFM
  • Ojcowie Franciszkanie
  • Ordem dos Frades Menores
  • Ordem dos Franciscanos
  • Ordem Franciscana
  • Orden de Frailes Menores
  • Orden de los Frailes Menores
  • Orden Franciscana
  • Orden sv. Frant?s︡iska
  • Order of Friars Minor
  • Ordine dei Frati Minori
  • Ordine dei minori
  • Ordo Fratrum Minorum
  • Reformati
  • Reformed Franciscans
  • Seraphic Order
See also:
  • The Franciscans, founded in the first half of the 13th century, remained a juridically united religious order until 1517. The division of the order into the Conventuals and the Friars Minor, anticipated in part since ca. 1415, was fully legalized on May 29, 1517. Another autonomous branch was formed in 1528 and eventually became known as the Capuchins. The name Franciscans, while applicable to each of the three autonomous orders, is more commonly used today to refer to the Friars Minor. Works by the undivided order before 1517 and works by the Friars Minor are found under Franciscans. Works by the Capuchins and by the Conventuals are found under: Capuchins or Conventuals.
  • Catholic encyclopedia online, 31 July 2015 (Franciscan Order; three orders founded by St. Francis: the Friars Minor (First order), the Poor Ladies or Clares (Second order), and the Brothers and Sisters of Penance (Third order); the foundation of the Friars Minor dates from 1209; the foundation of the Poor Ladies is said to have been 1212; the third order traditionally was founded in 1221)
  • Documentos para la historia de la Orden Franciscana en América Central, 1986.
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  • Romag, D. A Ordem dos Frades Menores, 1953 t.p. (Ordem dos Frades Menores)
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