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  • 1312-11-13
  • Windsor (Windsor and Maidenhead, England)
  • 1377-06-21
  • Richmond upon Thames (London, England)
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  • England
  • Kings and rulers Soldiers Art patrons
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  • Edward, of Windsor, 1312-1377
See also:
  • Bevan, Bryan, Edward III, 1992 p. 1 (born November 13th 1312 at Windsor)
  • Britannica academic edition, 7 April 2014 (Edward III, byname Edward of Windsor (born November 13, 1312, Windsor, Berkshire, England; died June 21, 1377, Sheen, Surrey), king of England from 1327 to 1377, who led England into the Hundred Years' War with France; eldest son of Edward II and Isabella of France; crowned king of England on January 29, 1327, aged 14)
  • Edward III's Round Table at Windsor, 2007
  • English Heritage website, 22 April 2014 Richmond Palace (Richmond Palace; alternative [i.e., earlier] name Sheen Manor House; Richmond Palace, formerly Sheen Palace; Richmond Palace built by Henry VII in 1499-1501 on the site of the manor-house of Sheen, which had been established by at least 1125; two royal residences had previously stood on the site; it is probable that Edward III either built or enlarged a manor house mentioned in 1125, and it was at Sheen that he died in 1377; several rebuilding phases are noted, culminating in a fire, 1499, after which it was rebuilt)
  • Oxford dictionary of national biography, 8 April 2014 (Edward III (1312-1377), king of England and lord of Ireland, and duke of Aquitaine; born at Windsor on 12 November 1312; proclamation announced accession on 24 January 1327; the new reign was formally deemed to begin the next day; crowned 1 February; died at Sheen on 21 June 1377; was known by his contemporaries and honoured by posterity chiefly as a warrior; a commander with active involvement in the administration of war; was also the patron of some of the finest artistic achievements of the day, in particular, his major building works)
  • Packe, Michael. King Edward III, 1983 p. 3 (born in Windsor Castle Monday 13 November 1312) p. 32 (reign began officially on Sunday 25 January 1327; knighted and crowned 1 February) p. 300 (died at Sheen on 21 June 1377)
  • Patrick, Pip. The "obese medieval monk", 2014 p. 63 (St. Mary Graces Abbey, Tower Hill; Cistercian; was situated on East Smithfield, in the modern day borough of Tower Hamlets) p. 64-65 (last Cistercian foundation in Britain; founded by King Edward III in 1350; surrendered to the crown during the Dissolution in 1538-9)
  • Wikipedia, 1 Apr. 2008 (Edward III (13 Nov. 1312 -- 21 June 1377) was one of the most successful English monarchs of the Middle Ages; reigned 25 January 1327 -- 21 June 1377)
  • Wikipedia, 22 April 2014 Richmond Palace (the royal manor of Sheen; Sheen manor; Sheen (spelt anciently Syenes, Schene, Sheanes, Shene, etc.); Edward III died at the manor in 1377; Richard II caused the manor house to be torn down; it lay in ruins until Henry V undertook rebuilding work in 1414; that first, pre-Tudor, version of the palace was known as Sheen Palace; Richmond Palace was erected c. 1501 within the royal manor of Sheen, by Henry VII of England, formerly known by his title Earl of Richmond, after which it was named)
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