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  • Douland, John, 1563?-1626
  • Daurando, Jon, 1563?-1626
  • Dooland, John, 1563?-1626
  • Thematic-index numbers are those found in Poulton, John Dowland; e.g. [Galliard, lute, P. 104]; prefer the titles of secular songs and instrumental music found in New Grove (Poulton) to the modernized spellings in New Grove, 2nd ed. (Holman), but do not routinely change existing headings.
  • Ornithoparchus, A. Andreas Ornithoparcvs his Micrologus, 1609
  • Hò„shido, M. Guitar recital, 1975? label (John Dowland) container (Jon Daurando)
  • New Grove, 2nd ed. (Dowland, John; b. 1563, ?London, bur. Feb. 20, 1626, London; English composer and lutenist)
  • Grove, 5th ed. (Dowland, John; b. 1563, ?London (Westminster), d. Jan. 20-21, 1626, ?London)
  • Riemann Musik Lexikon, 12. Aufl. Suppl. (Dowland, John; b. Dec. 1562, Dalkey, near Dublin, or ca. 1562/63, Westminster (London), buried Feb. 20 (d. Jan. 20/21?), 1626 (1625 according to Anglican calendar))
  • Poulton, D. John Dowland, his life and works, 1972 p. 21 ("It is Dowland himself who gives us the year of his birth ... In the address 'To the reader' in A pilgrimes solace (1612), he says 'being I am now entered into the fiftieth yeare of mine age.' In 'Other necessary observations belonging to the lute' in Varietie of lute-lessons (1610) he says 'for myself was borne but thirty years after Hans Gerle's book was printed. This was Tabulatur auff die Laudten printed in 1533, so in both cases the year 1563 is indicated. The place of his birth is unknown ...")
  • Love is strage, p2005 container (John Dowland) insert (John Dooland; J. Dooland)
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