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35018758 (Libraries Australia Authorities)
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  • Name.
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  • n 79069837
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  • Bioĭ Kasares, Adolʹfo
  • Casares, Adolfo Bioy
  • Sacastrú, Martín
  • Биой Касарес, Адольфо
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  • b. 1914
  • All works known to have been written under the joint pseud. H. Bustos Domecq have subsequently been issued under the authors' own names and have been entered under the heading for Borges
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  • The following pseudonym is a valid AACR 2 heading: Sacastrú, Martín
  • Borges, J.L. Museo, 2002 t.p. (Adolfo Bioy Casares) back flap (Adolfo Bioy Casares, 1914-1999)
  • Contemp. authors, v. 21-24, c1977 (Honorio Bustos Domecq and B. Suárez Lynch are both joint pseuds. of Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares)
  • El Cuento policial, c1981 t.p. (H. Bustos Domecq) p. 28 (H. Bustos Domecq, pseud. of Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares) p. iii (doctor Honorio Bustos Domecq)
  • His 17 disparos contra lo porvenir.
  • Izobratenie moreli︠a︡, 2000 t.p. (Adolʹfo Bioĭ Kasares)
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