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  • Buffalo (N.Y.). Albright-Knox Art Gallery
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  • The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy was incorporated on December 4, 1862, and an academy gallery was opened to the public on December 24 of the same year. The gallery occupied space in various buildings until 1900 when a permanent gallery was opened under the name Albright Art Gallery. The name of the gallery was changed on August 7, 1961, to Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Works by the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy and the Albright Art Gallery are found under Buffalo Fine Arts Academy. Works by the Albright-Knox Art Gallery are found under Albright-Knox Art Gallery. SUBJECT ENTRY: Works about this body are entered under the name used during the latest period covered. In the case where the required name is represented in this catalog only under a later form of name, entry is made under the later form.
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