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The Saved Queries screen contains all queries saved by you during this and previous Libraries Australia sessions.

The query contains your search query and the database(s) you searched.

At the right-hand side of each query are four blue buttons – Search, Edit, Save as Alert and Remove. Each of these functions is described below:


Enables you to return to the Summary Results screen.


Displays the same search screen that you used for the original search query, (for example, if you entered a query from the Advanced Search Screen, you will be returned to the Advanced Search screen), allowing you to edit your query.

Save as Alert

Depending on the level of functionality your library has allowed, you may not be able see this option.

Allows you to save your search query so the search will be run again automatically, either weekly, monthly or every 3 months.

Please note, Alerts can only be created for Australian Library Collections (ANBD) and Libraries Australia Authorities.


Provides you with the opportunity to delete an individual query.

The Remove All button located above these four functions allows you to clear all of your saved queries.
Please note that you should periodically delete the queries you no longer require from this file.